Learn to Meditate
To start meditating, sign up to attend our Free Introduction to Meditation Orientation.  This one-hour overview covers how the technique works, its benefits and how it is taught.  RSVP for our next orientation using the form on this page, or view our full schedule.

Corporate Meditation Programs
Stress costs companies millions every year in lost productivity, sick leave and inefficiency.  Studies show that meditating professionals achieve more with less effort and experience significant improvements in physical and mental health.

For more information on bringing meditation to your company, please contact us at .

Weekly Group Meditations  (for meditators only)
Each Sunday at 10:00 am we meet to meditate together and to verify and validate our practice.  All meditators are welcome.  Come share a cup of tea, meet members of our meditation community and experience the power of Group Meditation!

Advanced Courses and Programs for Meditators
Click here for information about other Advanced Courses and Programs for existing meditators.